Our Nursery

We strive to fulfil the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory guidance in all of its areas, through various activities such as conversations, small world activities, healthy eating, reading books, counting, drawing, banging the duff, and much more.

Every morning, we have circle time and group reading as it's an effective way to develop your little one's communication and literacy skills, as well as emotional development. After each book, we discuss new vocabulary and how the story made us feel inside.

Fresh air is part of our routine, and we are spoilt for choice with locations. We have a communal garden which is perfect for a daily run around and ball kick about. We also have 2 local parks for exploring nature, and a patio for sensory play and gardening. All children are supervised in the close company of a childminder at all times.

Discover a world of creativity and imagination! Through our tailored curriculum, we empower young minds to explore and express themselves through diverse art forms, from vibrant painting to engaging dramatic play. Our nurturing environment fosters holistic development throughout every child's expressive arts journey.

We adhere to the SEND Code of practice 2015. We ensure that all activities are inclusive so that every child can equally take part. We regularly update our staff training and coordinate with our local authority's SENCO. We make sure to involve parents at every step in their child's journey.

Our designated messy play area is where your little one can get their fingers stuck in to sand, water, playdough, rice, and much more. This is an important way for your little one to develop their fine motor skills as well as learn new textures.

It is no secret that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. As a family, we love to prepare homemade meals using fresh ingredients that are both delicious and nutritionally balanced. We also fit in regular snacks to keep us energised and hydrated throughout the day. All affordably priced!

We believe a top-quality snooze is key to consolidating your child's mental development following their daily activities. That's why we provide multiple cots and cotbeds on-site with memory foam mattresses, so that your little one has the best possible sleep.

Our unique programme takes children on a journey of discovery through outdoor exploration. From scavenger hunts to gardening, we ignite curiosity about the natural world. Through hands-on experiences, children develop a deep connection to nature, fostering a lifelong love for the environment.

Our home nursery is designed to promote confidence, independence and creativity. We display a selection of brain-stimulating toys which your little one can choose from. We also rotate our toys weekly to keep them engaged. Our toys are open-ended and battery-free, encouraging your child to use their imagination.

In the springtime, we run our amazing gardening club where we plant seeds, water them, and watch them grow into fresh herbs, flowers and fruit. Not only does this give your little one an appreciation for nature, it is also a fun opportunity for them to practice using garden equipment and develop their fine motor skills.

We deliver a holistic curriculum that aims to instil positive morals such as kindness, respect, patience, sharing, helping, and much more.

Our home is alcohol and smoke free and all ingredients are fully Halal, providing you - the parents - with complete peace of mind.